Tips for Animating a Tail Using Follow Through and Overlap

Chiara Porri Shows How to Put the Animation Concepts of Follow Through and Overlap Into Practice

Animator Chiara Porri covers some of the vital principles in animation showing the practical exercise of animating a tail on a ball & tail character. There are more than a few animation mechanics at play here, but the concepts of follow through and overlap are essential.

Chiara offers some great tips for animating a tail while showing how she approaches creating a time-tested animation study. Using the principles described in this fundamentals tutorial, Chiara provides even more insights showing a breakdown of a dragon animation as a practical example of Follow Through and Overlap at its best.

If you want to dive further into the concepts of animation, then you should have a look at Chiara Porri’s site. I Want To Be An Animator is a fantastic resource into to the world of animation.