PathAnim is a New, Robust & Flexible Path Animation Tool for Maya

Brian Horgan releases a New Path Animation Tool for Maya That Gives a Fast Way to Attach Rigs to a Path

Animator Brian Horgan’s PathAnim tool gives artists a robust and adjustable way to create path animation in Autodesk Maya.
“My goal was to make it fast and intuitive to attach any rig, with any number of limbs and body controls, to a path and animate it walking or running along it,” Brian says.

bh_pathAnim can readily work with bipedal characters, quadrupeds, or multi-legged characters such as insects. PathAnim even includes functionality to bake the path animation back into the character rig. Brian walks us through how your workflow will change when working with bh_pathAnim.

You can purchase BH Path Anim for $30: Learn more about Brain’s new path animations tool here.