FlippedNormals Posts a Look at 5 Productivity Tools That Can Smooth Out Workflows

Henning Sanden and Morten Jaeger return to a more productive FlippedNormals. “Over the last year, Flipped Normals has been a mostly dormant project for us. As some of you know, we are both working as senior artists in the London Visual Effects Industry – and this year has been particularly crazy for us” the duo said in a post titled “we’re back!”.

“Starting today, we are going to create a significant amount of free tutorials for you lovely folks in the distant land of the Internets. Topics will range from general productivity tools, awesome sculpting videos to industry secrets not shared before.” That is all good news. To kick off that new energy, is a post that describes 5 productivity tools the duo uses.

Henning Sanden and Morten Jaeger explore some productivity tips that have helped them with their work, making things smoother. The team looks at a reference image tool, PureRef, F.Lux for adjusting monitor response, a Windows-specific tool in AltDrag, and a screenshot tool, LightShot.

Looking forward to more Flipped Normals content to come!