Create a Simple Electrical Effect Rig in Houdini

Mikael Pettersén Shows How to Create a Simple Electrical Effect Rig With Side FX Houdini

A new Short and Sweet 3D post from Mikael Pettersén shows him covering how to create an electrical effect between two or more objects and building an efficient rig for the result.

“Maybe not the most exciting effect, but I’m mostly using it to go through some of the things people have asked me about lately” Mikael says about the tutorial. Don’t let that deter you though. The tutorial is full of Houdini tips with a few line of VEX code, Cross Product for finding and using vectors, and other useful things.

You can download the project file to follow along or to tinker. Mikael Pettersén is a veteran of the industry, working with VFX for feature films and TV for the last ten years. He is currently a Lead Crowd Technical Director at MPC.