How to Procedurally Model and Place Water Droplets Using Houdini

Manuel Casasola Merkle Creates, Places and Renders Water Droplets on the Surface of an Object

A new post on Entagma from Manuel Casasola Merkle shows how you can enhance the realism of your renders by adding water droplets. Merkle walks through creating a water droplet effect by altering the water particle’s shape to make them look more like gravity-affected drops.

“If you want to make your product appear nice and fresh in your TV commercial, the chances are that you’ll put water droplets on it,” Merkle says. The water droplets effect is built procedurally in Houdini, using a cross product to alter the shapes of the drops.

Visit the posting on Entagma where you can download the scene file and setup from the tutorial, including some additional detailing and the Redshift Render setup revealing how the final render came to be.

VFX Homeland once posted a tutorial that showed how to use their water droplet solver, a Houdini Asset that lets you quickly add drops to any object.