Creating Smoke and Fire Effects With Stardust

Lendon Bracewell Shows How to Create Fire Effects Using Superluminal’s Node-Based Particle System

From time to time, everyone needs to create a smoke or fire effect. If you are building a visual effect or spicing up a motion graphics piece, fire and smoke can add a dynamic element to work.

how to create Fire And Smoke using Stardust Mask Emitter, Turbulence and Force nodes.

Whatever the use, particles are integral to smoke and fire effects. Watch Visionary Fire’s Lendon Bracewell walk through using Stardust, Superluminal’s Node-Based Particle System to create a beautiful fire effect.

The tutorial covers techniques that you can use for other things rather than just fire effects. The ability to use a mask as an emitter opens up a host of creative possibilities when using Stardust. Adding Turbulence and Force Nodes offers some control over how the fire will behave and look.

Visit to download project file for this tutorial.