Substance Masters Vol. 1: A How-To for 3 Advanced Materials

Jonas Ronnegard Launches Substance Masters Vol. 1, 3 Advanced Materials & How to Create Them

Freelance Environment & Texture Artist Jonas Ronnegard releases Substance Masters Vol. 1: A set of 3 advanced substance designer materials that focus on teaching and detailing the creation process of the elements. The masters premise  presents a unique opportunity where you can dig into the commented source SBS Substance Designer file. Alternatively, you can watch the process with 11-hours of recorded video.

The pack contains an excellent mossy rock material, a wool-knit material and a bloody-organic one too.

Substance Masters Vol. 1 Comes With:

  • 3 full SBS source files with detailed comments, plus image textures
  • 11 hours of recorded creation
  • SBSAR Material file for use with substance painter / player
  • Marmoset toolbag preview files.

Visit Volume 1 Masters page for more information, or to get a copy.