A New Node-Based Workflow to Maya’s Render Setup

Damien Bataille’s New DeeX Steroid Tool Lets You Manage Render Setup Through Nodes

Head of Development and Pipeline Supervisor Damien Bataille is set to launch a new tool that will let users build render setup scenarios in Maya using a node-based system. You may remember Damien’s other efforts: DeeX Shaders Pack, DeeX VRay Fast, DeeX VRay Arsenal.

Render Setup

Autodesk has moved away from the render layer logic for render setup and transferred it to a more functional and dedicated setup panel. It emerged so that users can quickly create and manage production renders using collections, overrides, and properties. It’s much more functional and more powerful than previous methods. Still, you need to understand how it works first, as it isn’t immediately intuitive.

DeeX Steroid

Damien Bataille’s render setup tool takes on a different approach to setting production renders. It uses a node based approach to setting up collections, overrides, and combinations. DeeX Steroid truly offers unlimited possibilities. You can use the same collections on different render layers, combine collections, and use the same overrides for various collections.

Most importantly, it is remarkably intuitive to set up and follow. “I wanted the new renderLayer system of Maya nodes based graph,” Damien says. “In the end, I did it myself, during my free time.”

DeeX Steroid will be available soon. Stay tuned for more information.

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