Corona Now Supports Material Tag Stacking in C4D

Shawn Astrom Shows Off Corona Render’s New Support for Cinema 4D’s Native Material Tag Stacking

Coronal Render for Cinema 4D Beta 1 introduced support for some exciting things like interactive rendering, standard Cinema 4D and 3rd-party shaders, a Shadow Catcher, and Material Tag Stacking. 3D Artist Sawn Astrom (SA Studios) takes us through why this is such a great addition.

“This is really cool in that you can actually utilize multiple UV mappings on different materials and you can stack them up using the opacity blending built into the material,” Shawn says as he walks through a couple of examples of this technique. Material tag stacking typically needs some workarounds when working with various render engines, such as Arnold for example.

Corona Render Beta 1 for Cinema 4D is still free to download while it’s still under development. Learn more here.