How to Get a Flat 2D Look With Stardust

Guilherme Machado Explores Creating Flat 2D Design Using Stardust in After Effects

Brazillian Motion Designer and Instructor Guilherme Machado explores creating that 2D flat look using After Effects’ powerful node-based particle tool, Stardust. Stardust allows you to create some pretty complex effects and it’s also easy to stylize the particles for motion graphics work.

Watch Guilherme’s short 17-minute tutorial that covers using emitters and motion in Stardust to explore creating a 2D flat design look, almost in opposition to the plugin’s capabilities to work with 3D models and 3D primitives.

Superluminal’s Stardust is a node-based particle system for After Effects mixing the capabilities of Trapcode Particular and Element 3D into one super-powerful tool for After Effects artists.