Hard Surface Modeling a Victorian Window in C4D

Wolfgang Rode Creates a Detailed Victorian Window Using Reference Images in Cinema 4D

Rode’s latest looks at how to model a Victorian Window, complete with all the ornate details.

Hard surface modeling doesn’t always present one clear answer. The only way that you can find the best solutions when you model is strictly through practice. Over the last little while, Wolfgang Rode has been doing some hard surface modeling with a variety of challenging shapes and documenting them with tutorials.

Wolfgang Rode starts with choice references, of course, using them as blueprint templates in Cinema 4D. The window presents some challenges in topology. Such as, do you need to follow edges all the way through the model every time, or is there a better way? Rodes shows one such solution when working with a lot of edges.

You can download a Cinema 4D file that already has the references set up here.