Need Background Birds? Flocks for After Effects Makes it Easy

Creation Effects’ Flocks Template for After Effects Lets You Easily Add & Animate Birds

There is nothing like a flock of birds to bring an outdoor scene and composite to life. It always adds that extra bit that can make the scene more believable, and it can also add an instant sense of scale too. Most people will have a library of compositing elements that you have saved over the years, that likely will include flocks of birds.

Animate birds individually, or combine them in unlimited numbers to form a 3D flock that automatically moves with realistic flocking behavior

If you are looking to add some more to your library, then you should check out Creation Effects Flocks template. The template makes it easy to create realistic 3D flocks of birds. You can animate the birds individually, or combine them in any number with flocking behavior. That also includes murmuration.

The After Effects template doesn’t use third-party effects; It can be as easy as telling the birds where to fly. For an overview of the product, check out the video that shows how the birds are in the template, and how you can use them in your work. Whether your footage needs a single vulture in the background or a murmuration of thousands of starlings, Flocks might be worth a look.

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