Lonnie Busch Shows How to Create a Drive Chain Rig in Cinema 4D Using Xpresso.

Creating and accurately animating gears are one thing, but adding an interlinking chain to the whole thing and that’s another level. If you have ever thought about creating a working drive chain in C4D, you should check out this 5-part tutorial by Lonnie Busch that goes into great detail on how to pull it off.

Lonnie Busch is an Illustrator, artist, and designer from Franklin, North Carolina. Watch as he explores the advantages of starting the rig with Spline and Extruded objects, which will give better control when building out the width and speed controls for the drive chain rig.

“Xpresso will be at the heart of streamlining the Rig Speed, the Width Controls, etc., but if you’ve never used Xpresso before, don’t worry…I will go into much detail on how to set up our Chain Drive Rig.” Busch says. Also covered is using the Time Effector, Fracture Object, MO-Instances and the Point Node for the details of the rig. Great stuff here.