The Pixel Lab Posts a Free Chain Link Fence Generator C4D Xpresso Rig

The Pixel Lab and Peter Holweg post a free Xpresso rig for Cinema 4D that will allow you to create chain link fences with the controls and options that come with a Peter Holweg rig.

Peter Holweg created an incredible Xpresso rig and is giving it away for FREE

You may remember Peter Holweg’s Pipes Generator Preset for Cinema 4D, and  Air Duct generator kit for Cinema 4D – both pretty amazing rigs.

The C4D Chain Link Fence Generator is similar in use and flexibility. The best part is that it is free. The Chain Link Fence Generator lets you easily swap out low and high resolution geometry for working vs. rendering, and allows you to change many of the attributes that are associated with the fence. Easily change the size and length for the fence, as well as how it is finished at the top, with both barbed, and razor wire options.

Get the free Chain Link Fence Generator C4D Xpresso Rig here.


chain link fence generator