How to Create a Joint-Based Collar Collision Rig

How to Create a Joint-Based Collar Collision Rig

Check Out Riham Toulan Collar Collision Technique that Uses Joints and a Node from cMuscle.

Character articulation is one thing, but add clothes to the mix, and that requires another solution. What happens to the collar for instance, when a character moves its neck? Weighting might be a good solution for many cases, but it can be limiting. If you want to create more of a collision effect, a joint-based system might be better. Technical Director Riham Toulan shows one such method for fabricating a joint-based collar collision rig in Maya.

The technique she describes uses a curve, some joints, and a cMuscle node. cMuscleKeepOut can create a sliding or collision effect, typically used against other cMuscle Object nodes. The node determines the offset of a child so that it seems to collide without using simulation. Being that the method is a joint-based solution, it could easily be used with game animations.

Toulan breaks down the technique into three parts, the curve setup, the collision setup, and setting up the joints. Visit and check out Riham Toulan Collar Collision article here.

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