New Cult of Rig Season Starts: Learn Rigging from a Master

Raffaele Fragapane Starts Season 1 Streaming Lessons for Cult of Rig

Performance Technology Supervisor at Animal Logic, Raffaele Fragapane (@ThE_JacO) starts up a new season for Cult of Rig, an in-depth rigging live stream. The latest season, (deemed season 1) comes on the heels of a successful pilot series last summer.

The new season kicked off with episodes that covered Set and Graph Theory Vocabulary, Applied Graphs, Foot-roll, and the most recent which showed Foot-roll and Interface Specs. “The focus will NOT be the software and a multitude of broken button combinations you have to learn to push in some magic order, it will instead be principles and application of design, math, programming, anatomy, and kinesiology,” Fragapane says.

Check out the stream calendar for more information. or catch up with episode replays on Youtube here.

Cult of Rig is a fantastic opportunity, one that should have community support, so please consider donating something so Cult of Rig can become a regular thing.