How to Light Up Clones Based on Their Position

Matthew O’Neil Shows How to Light Up Clones As They Reach a Certain Point in Cinema 4D.

Ever wanted to have Mograph Clones change their material based on position such as height? There are a few tools in C4D that will let you randomize color, but there is a method to control when and where using the plane effector. Using this method you can light up clones when they reach a certain distance in the scene.

3D Fluff’s Matthew O’Neil demonstrates this technique by setting up a quick smattering of cubes moving randomly on the Y-axis. The tutorial covers using the effector’s falloff to light up clones as they go beyond a certain point. O’Neil points out that a simple premise like this can have expanded uses, “like a spaceship bursting into flames as it is pulled into the gravitational well of the sun” as an example.