Working With Redshift’s New Per-Light AOVs

Saul Espinosa Covers a New Feature in Redshift, Working With Per-Light AOVs for Compositing.

Redshift supports a complete list of AOVs for compositing and recently added the ability to have per-light AOVs for renderings. Redshift 2.5.64 added some great new features that include a new render view, new denoising and volume rendering. With his latest free tutorial, Saul Espinosa shows off how to work with per light AOVs and how to introduce it into your compositing workflow.

Per-Light AOVs are similar to the way Arnold or RenderMan handle splitting up lighting elements for the scene. “This feature is currently only in Maya but will likely arrive for the rest of the apps over the coming days” Espinosa mentions. Saul will be covering more of the new features in the latest release in the days to come, so stay tuned for those.