Motion Graphics Artist and Designer Alexander Dohr shows the process of creating a scene where typography emerges out of a field of cubes in Cinema 4D. Alexander shows how to create a flexible system in Cinema 4D MoGraph, that will allow you to use text from Cinema to form the shape of the type by raising the objects.

Finally I’ve been able to come up with a new Cinema 4D Tutorial for the Blog which, this time, includes quite a lot of cool MoGraph tricks

As you may have guessed the elongated cubes that make up the grid are Cloner Objects in Cinema, and demonstrates a couple of methods for having the cubes react including using a shader which would be appropriate for images or logos.

In the case of having the cubes emerge as type, Alexander uses a Plane Effector which allows you to use text splines and create more control including falloff values. Check out the tutorial for Creating Emerging Type From a Grid of Cubes in Cinema 4D here.