How to Create an Amazing Plexus Effect With MASH in Maya

Carlos Alvarez Velazquez Works With Particles, Dynamics, MASH and V-Ray to Create a Great Looking Plexus Effect in Maya.

Maya’s Motion Graphics Toolkit, MASH has a feature that lets you create trails from moving elements in the scene. It is this trails effect that is the center of Carlos Alvarez Velazquez’s tutorial that shows how to create a great-looking Plexus effect in Maya.

3D Artist Carlos Alvarez Velazquez’s short 25-minute tutorial covers using particles, dynamics, fields, V-Ray’s render curves, constraints, MASH, and hair systems and more, pinnacling to a genuinely nice-looking animation and final render.

MASH Trails node is an excellent addition to the motion graphics toolset, letting you quickly add motion lines and other effects to moving objects. The Trails node can also be a great way to highlight type too.