A Beginner’s Guide to Vertex Maps in Cinema 4D

Severo Ojea Shows How to Control Effectors and Shaders With Vertex Maps in C4D.

WorkBench.tv’s Severo Ojea offers a look into what can be an instrumental technique within Cinema 4D: Working with Vertex Maps. Every vertex-component of an object in Cinema 4D can have a weighted value applied to it. You can paint a map for each point with an amount from 0-100%, zero represented by red, and 100 described by yellow. You can then use this map for all kinds of things within Cinema 4D.

With his short tutorial, Severo Ojea shows how you can achieve sophisticated effects by working with VertexMaps. “Generally, you’re limited to a simple falloff when it comes to controlling the parts of objects that effectors, uh, effect,” Ojea says. “But by adding a quick map, we can add complex effects to objects and their shaders.”