Create a Stunning 3D Radial Particle Effect With Stardust

Najib Khayati Demonstrates a 3D Radial Particle Effect With Stardust in After Effects

Although the original network looks a little daunting, creating the setup for a 3D radial particle effect bit by bit is a great way to make sense of it. Noble Kreative’s Najib Khayati walks us through the process to create what he calls a 3D particle eye in After Effects using Superluminal’s Stardust plugin.

Multiple particles, fields, emitters, and plenty of Turbulence nodes come together to create this stylized eye effect. Khayati is a bit of a tinkerer. Evidence of this can be seen even in his last tutorial which shows how to create a Minecraft style model in After Effects using Stardust. Both of these tutorials represent tutorial comes as an installment of a more extensive series for VFX & Motion Graphics.

Stardust is $249.00, from our friends at Toolfarm.