How to Create Voxel Models in Ae With Stardust

Noble Kreative Shows How to Create Minecraft-Style Voxel Models in After Effects Using the Stardust Plugin.

Superluminal Stardust is a pretty fantastic plugin. The modular particle system for After Effects represents a modern tool that meets the needs for the kind of work today. The particle tool handles particles and emitters well, but it also can hand 3D objects. You can render 3D shapes from OBJ files and even extrude shapes as particles. It’s impressive. Walking through some of the 3D capabilities of the popular node-based particles plugin is Noble Creative, who shows how to create voxel models in the “Minecraft” style.

The tutorial comes as an installment of a more extensive series for VFX & Motion Graphics. This one also shows how to use the Material Node in Stardust. The plugin can handle Image Based Lighting, Ambient Occlusion, Physical Materials — It’s crazy. Stardust is $249.00, check it out.