Free Script Creates Easy Inertia in After Effects

Motion Array Posts a Free Script that Creates Inertia and Bounce Using Expressions.

“Bouncing,” “secondary action” and inertia is a subject that is covered quite often in the After Effects community. The idea is to automate and save on setting keyframes, usually through expressions and scripts that drive expressions. A new free tool gets added to the list with Motion Array’s free bounce script EZinertia.

The script uses expressions to drive the inertia effect, and the accompanying tutorial shows how to use the expressions to create the bounce effect. “With this effect, you can create a realistic and stylized bounce effect that would otherwise be challenging and time-consuming to achieve,” MOtion Array’s Owen Chikazawa says. “this script utilizes that expression, but it does it in a little more user friendly way with an easy way to apply, change settings, and have all the layers look to one control.”

Download EZinertia here.