Lock Transformation Axes Directly in The C4D Viewport

Glenn Frey Shows a Handy Tip for How to Lock Transformation Axes in the Cinema 4D Viewport.

Locking specific transform attributes is an excellent way to prevent unwanted transformations. With Cinema 4D, there is a quick way to do this, right in the viewport. Maxon’s Glenn Frey shows that a simple by command/control double-clicking on a handle, you can lock transformation axes while you are working. Clicking on an arrow will lock the others, so you can think of it as an instant way to constrain the movement of an object.

Locking transformation axes become essential when you are modeling, especially when dealing with the scale tool. Locking the other direction offer you the ability to scale in two directions simultaneously. It’s a great way to keep your initial shape without deforming it into something else.