Creating Endless Animated Fractals With After Effects

Mt. Mograph Shows How to Create a Kaleidoscope Animation Based on Animated Fractals in After Effects.

Matt Jylkka returns with a tutorial that shows how you can create a fantastic endless animated fractals effect that isn’t that difficult to set up. The result relies heavily on David Van Brink’s free Omino Suite of tools for After Effects – Particularly Omino Kaleidoscope. Jylkka shows how a simple shape in After Effects can transform into a detailed pattern using Omino.

More detail usually means more computer resources, so Matt walks through some tips to help save on those so your scene will be more responsive as you are working.

Omino Suite is free, but still an experimental outlet for David Van Brink. Nonetheless, there are some helpful tools within that include suite plugins such as a color extractor, diffusion, a halftone effect, the famous Omino snake, sphere map, and squares plugin. You can download the Omino Suite here.