Problem Solving Animation Nodes by Using Math

Zach Hixson’s New Tutorial Series Covers Fundamental Problem Solving Skills Using Math for Animation Nodes Graphics.

Motion Graphics tools, as with all computer graphics rely on Maths. You don’t have to be a math wizard to use node-based tools like Blender’s Animation Nodes, but for most use-cases, it does help to understand what is happening — This is why Zach Hixson chose to create a new tutorial series that will cover how math can help to solve problems when working with Blender’s procedural animation system.

Created by Jacques Lucke, AnimationNodes is a node-based visual scripting system designed for creating procedural animation and motion graphics in Blender. The Addon has grown into a very customizable and extendable node framework for artist and animators. Hixson’s new tutorial series hopes to teach you the methods that you can employ to bring your imagination to life, solving your problems when working with the procedural Nodes.