How to Fix Mismatch Point Order in Zbrush

Vladimir Uryadov Shows How to Solve the Imported Mesh Mismatch Point Order Problem in Zbrush.

Perhaps you’ve run into an issue when you import geometry into Zbrush and then get a notice telling you that a “Mismatch point-order in the imported mesh was detected and auto-corrected.” It sounds like everything is fine until you check the UV’s to find them a bit scrambled.

There is an easy fix though according to Vladimir Uryadov who is a Lead Character Artist for Asymmetric VFX. Uryadov’s short tutorial shows how you can get the asset back on track in a few simple steps.

“A few days ago I realized that a lot of people don’t know how to solve “Mismatch point-order in the imported mesh was detected and auto-corrected” problem in Zbrush. Here is a small tutorial about it,” Uryadov says about the tutorial.

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