QuickLoop: Free One-Click Loop Expressions in Ae

QuickLoop Free One-Click Loop Expressions in Ae

QuickLoop Will Never See You Write a Loop Expression in After Effects Again.

Setting a composition to loop and lopping animation are two very different things in After Effects. You might already be very familiar with the Loop expressions in Ae, used to loop animation without the use for any keyframes to do so. There are four kinds of Loop that you can use, and depending on the circumstances, they can get a little consuming. Motion Designer Stephen Minty created a beneficial tool for After Effects that will have you never write another loop expression again. QuickLoop can save you a lot of time.

QuickLoop is a small, responsive panel that you can dock, giving you super-quick access to loop expressions with a single click. The free Ae panel has three buttons to apply loopOut cycles, loopIn cycles, and loopIn ping-pong. Using modifiers like cmd/shift/alt-click with the buttons will give you up to twelve handy loop expressions without the need to type anything in an expression field.

Download Stephen Minty’s free QuickLoop Panel and never write out loop expressions again.