How to Pack Non-Intersecting Spheres With Houdini

Pedro Alpiarça Shows How to Make a Setup That can Pack Non-Intersecting Spheres Using pScale.

Packing objects or having a system that ensure that object will touch but not intersect is an essential component to instancing across surfaces. There are a few ways to handle this in SideFX Houdini. With this latest Node Flow tutorial, Pedro Alpiarça discusses some of the issues that might arise with some of the conventional methods for packing non-intersecting spheres. Just one of his many logic-defying and detailed setups.

Alpiarça walks through some of the challenges faced with scattering objects and ensuring that they touch but do not overlap. In the end, the tutorial steps through a setup where you can easily find the maximum scale that distributed points can have using pScale fitting.

Download the scene file for this project here.