Creating Growth Effects With X-Particles in C4D

Dave Bergin Shows How to Create Growth Effects in Alien Green Slime With X-Particles Mesh Tools in C4D.

Growth effects are everywhere. You can find them in both tutorials and animations. It is with good reason; they look both really cool and instantly recognizable as challenging to produce. Well, not always. With Cinema 4D and X-Particles as a toolset can take the guesswork out of creating stunning growth effects in 3D.

No more so is this evident as with Dave Bergin’s (CG Shortcuts) tutorial where he shows how to create an alien slime effect with Insydium’s X-Particles. The favorite particle tool has grown into a VFX powerhouse over the last little while adding the fluid tools xpFluidFX and xpFluidPBD, and xpExplosiaFX. Add Insydium’s Cycles renderer, and you have a one-stop effects machine right within Cinema 4D.