How to Fix Lat-Long Issues With Nuke

Lars Wemmje Shows How to Fix the Bottom of Lat-Long Panoramas With Nuke.

The visual effects world relies heavily on photography, from clean plates to panoramic images. If you create your own lat-long photos for VFX work, you recognize that anything coming out of the camera needs work. Most notably, the bottom of the image, or the nadir. That’s typically where the camera rests on the tripod. Cleaning up the Nadir portion of the image can prove challenging. VFX Artist Lars Wemmje shares some tips for Nuke users, showing how you can fix the problematic areas of a lat-long photo.

The term nadir refers to the pole within a spherical panorama or celestial sphere. Spherical panoramas will usually have a distorted edge along the bottom. The key is working with the distortion using the spherical transform node in Nuke. Once the distortion is handled, it’s a simple task of using RotoPaint to paint out the missing pixel information. It’s quick and painless!

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