Mocha is more than a bundled tracking solution for After Effects. Mocha Pro is the “professional” stand-alone version of Imagineer Systems planar tracking and effects tool. Mocha Pro also has some great export routines and formats for other applications such as Nuke.

In fact adding mocha’s planar tracker with the Nuke Roto Paint tool can be a great solution for fixing FX makeup in a shot.

how to Stabilize and Roto Paint in Nuke using Mocha Pro

Here, imagineer systems product specialist, Mary Poplin shows how you can use Mocha Pro to stabilize for the Nuke Roto Paint tool. This walkthrough is a good example of how you can  use of mochaImport+ to simplify editing and adjusting the track information in Nuke. The tutorial covers some interesting topics, such as:

  • Difficult Tracking through shadow occlusions
  • Using the Surface Tool
  • Exporting Corner Pins from mocha to Nuke
  • Stabilizing using MochaImport+
  • Rotopainting in Nuke
  • Adjusting motion blur with pixel data and OFlow in Nuke
  • Basic compositing tasks in Nuke

This specific technique was used to paint out makeup errors in U.F.Oh Yeah by Film Riot. The final U.F.Oh Yeah video can be found here:

You can also check out the shorter breakdown of the techniques that were used: