How to Work With Mirror Paint in Mari

Peter Aversten Has a Hands-On Look at the New Mirror Paint tool in Mari 4.2.

One of the things that texture artists lamented in the Foundry’s Mari is the how tedious it is to mirror anything. With the latest version of Mari, a new Mirror Paint Tool makes the task of reflecting paint elements a non-issue. Peter Aversten offers a hands-on look into mirror paint. The tutorial covers mirroring across different axes and how to make paint using various masking modes.

Also covered is how to set up a custom mirror plane easily. “We also look at the old way of copy paint between UV patches in UDIM space before demonstrating the new and improved method of painting in symmetry inside Mari 4,” Aversten says.

Mari Extension Pack includes some Mirror Tools, such as the symmetry bake XYZ that took some cues on David Eschrich’s script for world-space symmetrical painting. The Pack’s paint tool for Mari lets you work similarly to Substance Painter or ZBrush.