Animator Chiara Porri Shares Her Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts

Chiara Porri Shares 5 Things That Can Make Your Animations Better.

The art of animation covers a lot of principles and techniques and a lot of subjectivity. Still, some easy things can clean up animation or some simple thankg that you can do to make an animation better. Watch this short video where Animator Chiara Porri (I Want to Be an Animator) shares her top five things that fall under the do’s and don’ts categories.

Some of the things that Chiara finds irksome in animations is the use of bad poses, floating eyes, cutting off the pupils by pushing the eyes too far, using too many key poses, and not compensating for motion in character animation.

If you want to dive further into the concepts of animation, then you should have a look at Chiara Porri’s site. I Want To Be An Animator is a fantastic resource for the world of animation.