Get the Free Place Reflection Tool for Maya

Brave Rabbit’s Place Reflection Tool Makes it Easy to Place Lights in Maya, and it’s Free.

Place reflection & Quick Zoom are two new free tools that can help with placing lights and reflected objects in Maya, by dragging over a target surface. A few days ago Ingo Clemens posted a small preview, and now Place Reflection is available. Ingo runs through how to use the plugin and how it can help out with your lighting workflow in Maya.

The plugin also comes with Quick Zoom, which intends to simplify the Maya 2D Zoom/Pan tool. Quick Zoom lets you drag a zoom region and instantly zooms and pans the view. The new zoom tool enables you to toggle between the default and zoomed view and also move the view, which can be handy.

Visit Brave Rabbit to get placeReflection & quickZoom here. placeReflection & quickZoom are under the terms of the MIT License.