How to Break Vellum Constraints Over Time

Rohan Dalvi Offers Some Insights Into How to Animate and Break Vellum Constraints in Houdini.

Houdini 17 added a new simulation framework in Vellum. The solver, based on Extended Position Based Dynamics, offers fast and stable simulations of any item you can classify as soft-body. The internet is ablaze with introductory tutorials for Vellum, but a new one by Rohan Dalvi takes a look at some more slightly advanced concepts with the new solver. Dalvi shows how to animate and break vellum constraints over time.

Davli shows four different methods or approaches for altering constraints over time. The first and the simplest is to animate constraints by way of easy keyframe animation. The next way looks at using an Attribute Transform. Rohan also covers some more complex setups, (2 in fact) such as how to break vellum constraints dynamically over time.

For a more generalized overview, be sure to check out Moritz Schwind’s Vellum Solver Quickstart that also covers creating tearing cloth simulations.