Entagma Shares a Houdini 17 Vellum Solver Quickstart

Moritz Schwind Dives Into Houdini’s New Vellum Solver Covering the All the Basics.

SideFX Houdini releases are consistently jaw-dropping, and the new features in Houdini 17 are no different. One of the most exciting things in Houdini is the new Vellum Solver. It’s a unified solver for Cloth, Hair, Soft Bodies, Ballons and Grains. It’s fast, GPU accelerated, and Vellum is a POPs solver, so it is easy to use and iterate. You can use POP forces to art-direct the simulation.

The new solver uses a Position Based Dynamics system for cloth, hair, and grains. This new approach is fast, reliable, and produces acceptable results quickly.

Watch Entagma’s latest 5-part look at the very basics of working with the new Vellum solver in Houdini, hosted by Moritz Schwind. The series offers an overview and covers how to create tearing cloth, how to use Vellum in DOPs, a look at the Detangle SOP, and setting up animations.