Maya tips for Symmetry and Coloring UV Shells

Malcolm Andrieshyn Shares Some tips for Painting Selections, Working With Maya Symmetry and how to Easily color UV Shells.

Part-6 continuation of Maya Modeling Tips and Secrets series by Malcolm Andrieshyn (Malcom341) shows some tips for working with Maya’s paint selection tools and symmetry mode. He also looks at a super-quick way to colorize UV shells with a click of a button – Perfect for visualizing seams for texture work.

Symmetry in Maya has gone through some revisions since its introduction in Maya 2016. Still, there likely is confusion among new users as to how to work symmetrically or how to get the mode to work correctly in Maya. Malcolm shows some tips that can make the concept of getting the modeling mode to work well easy.

Last up in the grab-bag of tricks is how to add color to UV shells by merely right-clicking a button on the UV editor. Very handy!