Take a Look Into Emanuele Colombo’s Walk Cycle Workflow

Emanuele Colombo Creates an Oddly Satisfying Walk Cycle in After Effects.

It’s not quite a tutorial, but Freelance Motion Designer and Animator Emanuele Colombo post a look into how he creates a walk cycle in After Effects. Sometimes watching how someone creates animation is more beneficial than a step by step tutorial and with Colombo’s latest video you can instantly get a sense for what is involved.

“A lot of you guys asked me how I obtained such an organic movement in my last Instagram post, so I created a quick video walkthrough,” Colombo says. The system is a layering of both effects and animation to create the fluid motion of the square-like body of the character throughout the walk cycle. Colombo makes the project’s source files available for download for a small fee. Check out the walk cycle source files here.