What’s New With V-Ray Next in Maya

Carlos Alvarez Velazquez Covers New Features, Improvements and First impressions of V-Ray Next in Maya.

The Chaos Group is prepping the next version of V-Ray which is now in beta. V-Ray Next as it is known has some significant overhauls and improvements over previous versions. Maya Youtuber Carlos Alvarez Velazquez posts a look into some of the most anticipated features for the latest version of V-Ray for Maya that also offers some color on his first impressions.

The video (with subtitles in English) covers a lot of the small improvements alongside some major ones. Carlos looks into the Viewport IPR that uses the Nvidia Optix Denoiser (and more). Continuing with interactive previews, Carlos looks at creating PlayBlasts with the IPR and V-Ray Next. There is a ton of stuff in this video ranging from GPU, Buckets and the CryptoMatte, V-Ray Layered Textures, Adaptive Lights, Improvements in the V-Ray Falloff with Bezier curves, and the new hair material and how it integrates with Maya Xgen.

Become a part of the public beta for V-Ray Next Maya here.