2 Ways to Create a Corona Car Paint Shader in C4D

Shawn Astrom Demonstrates Two Ways to Create a Custom Corona Car Paint Shader, With One That Uses the Skin Shader.

Corona is a pretty fantastic renderer that can both operate as biased and unbiased. The renderer currently is in public beta for Cinema 4D. Although it doesn’t have a dedicated car paint shader yet, as most render engines do, that doesn’t mean that you can’t create your own. 3D Artist Shawn Astrom shows two ways to create a Corona car paint shader with an easy way and one that is a little more complicated.

It sounds a little strange, but Shawn shows that the absolute most straightforward way to create a corona car paint shader is to use the skin shader. Of course, the SSS component wouldn’t be on for the shader, but the skin shader offers a lot of the features you would need to create one, such as multiple specular components.

Corona Render Beta for Cinema 4D is still free to download while it’s still under development. Learn more here.

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