Getting the Perfect Camera Match using fSpy

Chipp Walters Offers a Free Course Showing How to Get the Perfect Photo and Camera Match With fSpy and Blender.

Once upon a time, there was a Blender Addon called Blam. The tool allowed you to match your 3D camera to a photograph by placing reference lines on the image. Blam was a great way to bring 3D elements into a 2D realm. While Blam is long gone, it’s successor is a free, cross-platform and open source stand-alone application fSpy.

fSpy is relatively easy to use, but if you want an in-depth guide into how it works, Chipp Walters offers a free fSpy Camera Matching tutorial for Blender users. The course provides an introduction to fSpy and also covers working with one and three-point perspective. fSpy has a corresponding Addon for Blender that automatically imports the settings from the standalone, making it easy to move back and forth.

Check out the free fSpy Camera Matching Tutorial for Blender here.