How to Delight Textures With Substance Designer

Djordje Ilic Shows a Flexible Method for Delighting Textures Within Substance Designer.

There are times when you want to remove all the effects of light from an image. Getting rid of the highlights and shadows in an image is essential for working with textures that will be lit by lights in 3D. The process is also an important step within a photogrammetry workflow. But how does one effectively delight textures to remove it of any indication of a light source? You can certainly do it with photoshop, but you can also do it with Substance Designer.

Djordje Ilic shares a method that he uses to delight photogrammetry textures. Djordje walks through his setup for removing shadows and highlights in an image while evening everything else out.

Djordje Ilic 3d artist from Novi Sad, Serbia. His last tutorial showed how you can recreate a lens breathing effect to mimic a realistic focal change using Nuke – but the effect can just as easily be done in After Effects, or any other compositor.