EasyCorrect Nuke Gizmo Helps Adjust Images for Photogrammetry

Djordje Ilic’s EasyCoorect Gizmo is a Fast Way to Correct Differences With Exposure and White Balance Between Frames.

While creating a Photogrammetry workflow, 3D Artist Djordje Ilic has built and shared some tools along the way. You may remember his method for using Substance Designer to un-light images, so they are better suited for 3D. Ilic also has another tool, this time for Nuke an EasyCorrect gizmo, that allows you to easily adjust the exposure and white balance of a sequence of images— Something that is essential for the photogrammetry workflow.

The EasyCorrect gizmo can automatically pick up image format and set the first and last frame of the sequence. The gizmo is free to download.

Djordje Ilic 3d artist from Novi Sad, Serbia. One of his last projects had a break down of a classic 3D Porsche created with 3ds Max, Mari, V-Ray, and Nuke for compositing the sequences into final form.