Substance Painter to Mari Workflow, How to Bake Mesh Maps

Meshmen Studio Shows How to Use Substance PAinter to Bake Mesh Maps for Mari.

Mari represents the epitome of 3D painting, yet there are some workflows in Mari that are still going through some growing pains. One of them is baking. MeshMen Studio’s Peter Aversten says “Baking in Mari has not been the strong point.” Baking mesh maps does not always give you the results you need. Luckily other tools can provide a better opportunity. “…we have to create standardized maps to drive our effects,” Aversten says, “Substance Painter has a good pipeline to achieve this.”

Watch Aversten’s latest short tutorial that takes us through the process of how to bake mesh maps using Allegorithmic’s Substance Painter, and then bring those maps into Mari. Peter Aversten is a VFX veteran, Mari expert and Lead Texture Artist located in the heart of Soho London.