How to Create a 3D FUI With Stardust in Ae

Roland Hartmann covers using Stardust and the new 3D model library to create a futuristic 3D FUI.

The latest version of Stardust is pretty incredible. The node-based particle and 3D system for After Effects offers 3D rendering capabilities, a new model library and much more. Watch this short tutorial that shows Roland Hartmann creating a full-on futuristic 3D FUI scene using the new model library.

The tutorial also covers using the replica node in Stardust, how to add presets, and a lot more. Stardust certainly has made some waves in the After Effects community with a slew of massive feature updates and a more flexible workflow than many Ae users are accustom to of a particle generator. Add to that the fact that enrolled students, faculty or credited institutions can pick up Stardust at an educational price of only $10 a year, and it’s easy to see why the modular 3D system from Superluminal is getting so popular.