What a C4D Workflow Looks Like With RizomUV

John Dickinson shares a look into what it is like using RizomUV along with Cinema 4D and Substance Painter.

Very few people love to UV. Still, if you are a Cinema 4D user, you have a few options that can help. There are a couple of really great and low-cost solutions that you can add to your 3D workflow to help out with UVs. One is 3D Coat, and the other is RizomUV, a dedicated and incredibly powerful standalone UV tool.

MotionWork’s John Dickinson offers some insights into what adding RizomUV to your C4D pipeline might look like. “I just started using Rizom UV and spent some time working out a possible workflow between Cinema 4D and Substance Painter via Rizom UV,” Dickinson says.