How to Create a Cartoon Explosion With Fusion

QuadPoly shows how to use Fusion/Resolve’s built-in tools to create an anime-style cartoon explosion.

TJ Grant (QuadPoly) presents a tutorial that shows how to create an anime-style cartoon explosion using only the built-in tools that are available with Fusion or Davinci Resolve 15. The effect uses FastNoise, Shape 3D and UVMap 3D nodes.

The explosion effect, while looking 2D, is actually a 3D sphere in the scene that makes use of displacements. Once the shape is complete, TJ uses particles and replicates the object in place of the particle points. TJ notes that his tutorial will also work with Fusion 9 as the node structure is the same. This tutorial was also created using the free download versions of Fusion and Davinci Resolve 15.