Substance Painter to Arnold Workflow – Texturing a Plant

Brent LeBlanc Covers Texturing With Substance Painter and Shading and Rendering With Arnold in Maya.

Brent LeBlanc is a Materials Technical Director at Blue Sky Studios. Who best to show off the process for working with both Substance Painter and Autodesk Maya? LeBlanc has a great two-part tutorial that shows off a workflow for surfacing and texturing a plant using both painter and Arnold for materials and rendering.

LeBlanc shows how to texture the plant in Substance Painter with the first part of the series and goes in-depth with model UV’s and all the elements of Painter to get the job done. Part two shows how to light the scene, modify shader attributes, and bring in the materials from Painter while keeping everything looking the same as it did in SP.

The model in the series is from Albert Valls Education pack here.